1. Kris Haghi評論了Judy 茱蒂文創 · 婚禮婚紗攝影
Judy 茱蒂文創 · 婚禮婚紗攝影
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Judy 茱蒂文創 · 婚禮婚紗攝影

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Judy 茱蒂文創 · 婚禮婚紗攝影 正在線上,立即與他對話。
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Kris Haghi 評論了 Judy 茱蒂文創 · 婚禮婚紗攝影 ── · 2019年02月
The entire crew was very helpful, professional and sincere. After seeing the company at an exhibition they were very accommodating and went out of their way to assist when needed. The overall process was a lot of fun and the end result was very good, their vice president Yi-Shen, dresser Bolly, stylist Gucci, photographer Dragon, assistant Lin-Shan and editor Ba Di helped us out as well as the president of the company. Overall the entire experience was great and would recommend the company for future photographs.



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