1. Emily Emily評論了Judy 茱蒂文創 · 婚禮婚紗攝影
Judy 茱蒂文創 · 婚禮婚紗攝影
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Judy 茱蒂文創 · 婚禮婚紗攝影

Fabulous Pre-wedding shoot!!!!!

Judy 茱蒂文創 · 婚禮婚紗攝影 正在線上,立即與他對話。
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Emily Emily 評論了 Judy 茱蒂文創 · 婚禮婚紗攝影 ── · 2019年03月
It was a pleasure to have Judy Wedding as our pre-wedding shoot. From the very first day (it was their company off day) nonetheless, we were greeted warmly by Ruby and Da Tong, they gave us wonderful advice on the gown piece and the suit. We never regretted any second of it. Each piece of dress, suit and accessories they chose was like it was custom-made for us.

The next day comes the photo shoot. the make up artist Eva was great and made us looks like we are going for a runway hahaha. following us through the whole day touching up and making sure we look 110 percent for each shot.

The photographer Ben is really friendly and super professional with all the shot and pose we have to make, and also keeping us to our timeline as not to waste any scenery shot. Superb and fun to have him.

Me and my husband would love to thank Judy Wedding and the team for making this happen, we enjoyed every single second of it and definitely recommend them to everyone and the fun we had while doing it was unforgettable.

Thumbs up for the team and keep up the great work!

With Love,